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Ensuring Businesses Meet OSHA Regulatory Compliance Standards

Helix Environmental in Porter Ranch, California, offers OSHA regulatory compliance, exposure assessments, and indoor air quality evaluations. As an employer, you want to make sure your workers are safe at all times while on the job, and we're here to make sure that is the case. This is particularly useful to businesses that work with chemicals or physical hazards, such as high levels of noise. As a smaller company, we provide more individualized services for each client, and we complete our work quickly and efficiently. We even train individuals to become certified in this field.

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Services

Exposure to chemicals used above the permissible areas increases the risk of health care-related losses in the workplace. Helix Environmental provides chemical and biological exposure assessments to mitigate this risk.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos can be dangerous and cause harmful side effects. We perform surveys to determine the presence of asbestos by using Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) protocols and offering asbestos project management programs, abatement air clearance, and design. Our business also provides AHERA three-year inspections, air monitoring, testing, and operations and maintenance plan development.

Lead-Based Paint Surveys

Lead-based paint is another danger, so we do inspections using XRF X-ray fluorescence and paint chip testing. Lead also can be found in water, so we test that as well. Helix Environmental provides abatement and private design specifications, post-abatement inspections and clearance, and operational maintenance.


Mold, Fungi, and Indoor Air Quality

Ensure your employees are breathing the freshest, cleanest air with building surveys and indoor air quality assessments of both air and bulk sampling. We also provide remediation recommendations, abatement project management and monitoring, and post-abatement inspections and monitoring.

Litigation Support

In a situation where a worker threatens a lawsuit, Helix Environmental provides litigation support and serves as an expert witness. Once we complete all of your surveys and assessments, we can ensure that you're in compliance with CAL/OSHA. We can testify that surveys were done in good faith and in compliance, ensuring the safety of employees. We explain the results of our surveys and exactly how they were conducted.