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Lead-based Paint Services

Inspection, Monitoring, Project Design Risk Assessment and, Training

Our company offers a comprehensive package of services related to lead paint hazard assessment and management, and abatement or demolition program development and implementation. Helix Environmental’s staff of EPA Certified Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors use state of the art XRF technology to conduct lead inspections and risk assessments using non-destructive methods.

Lead-Based Paint Services

Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Services
EPA Lead Certified staff members, including:
•    Lead Inspector/Risk Assessors
•    Lead Project Monitors
Lead (Pb) services including:
•    Building inspections
•    Risk assessments
•    Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan development
•    Abatement project design-development of abatement specifications, scope of work, and cost estimates
•    Qualified abatement contractor lists
•    Review of qualified contractors and project bids
•    Training for contractors and O&M program personnel
•    Abatement project oversight
•    Project management
•    Lead air sampling and wipe clearance sampling